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If You want a Miracle Fat Loss Solution …

You’re in Totally the Wrong Place.


Hey, Sean Leach here. From the comfort of my home sitting next to my dog! 


I want to ask you something.


Come in close. This is something I don’t want anyone else to hear.


Because I’m about to ask you something potentially very embarrassing:


How many times you tried a new diet or program?


Go on … count them.


Maybe there was that time you joined the gym and went low-carb?


How about when Weight Watchers was all the rage?


Maybe you lost loads and got your money back with a challenge

If so, I have two things I want to say to you:


  1. Well Done


I mean that with 100% sincerity.


Taking ownership of your goals, deciding you want something and actually putting the actions in place to do it is something to be applauded.


So many people talk about losing weight, but you actually did something about it and tried. That deserves praise



2. I Bet They Failed You.


You started off okay with your eating, then you got invited out for a meal, had a stressful day at work, went for a few drinks, or didn’t have any shopping in, so decided the only option was a takeaway.


“Screw it” you thought. “I’ve failed.” I may as well eat the house! 


And so you went back to eating normally, putting back on any weight you lost, until you were eventually right back at square one.


The same probably happened with the gym or a group program...


You signed up, felt full of enthusiasm and hope, enjoyed your first few sessions (even if they were hard work) and managed to keep up some kind of routine for a few weeks, or even a few months.


Then ‘life’ happened, the gym got put on the backburner, and now?


It’s some shamefully distant memory. (That you’re probably still paying your membership fee for!)


Or the food plan got to boring and restrictive you felt it was to hard to keep up so after a few weeks noticed your jeans were getting tighter again!

You might exercise from time to time, but you know it’s not really effective. You break a sweat, sure, but the scale isn’t going down, your arms and legs aren’t toning up, and that stubborn spare tyre definitely isn’t budging.


Well, I have 4 words for you:



It’s Not Your Fault


The fact you have a body you would rather hide under baggy clothes - is not your fault.


Not at all.


But here’s the thing -


I’m not going to blame genetics.


I’m not going to blame the hidden chemicals in your food.


I’m not about to wage war on carbs.


And I’m certainly not going to say that ‘exercise doesn’t work.’


I also refuse to say that because no diet has helped you lose weight and keep it off in the past, that you should give up on your idea of a slimmer body.


It is my firm belief that absolutely everyone can have a body they are confident with.


And, if you stick with me for 10 minutes or so, I’d love the chance to prove this to you.



The Real Reason Every Diet You’ve Tried Has Failed You



Note: Every diet has failed YOU.


It’s simply not the case that you’ve failed every diet you’ve tried.


I don’t know - maybe you have successfully lost weight and kept it off in the past. But my guess is that if you’re here, that’s not the case. Or you’ve lost some and kept it off, but you’re still not where you want to be.


You still have a few pounds to go …


You’ve still got some loose skin …


You’re still not completely confident getting undressed in front of your partner …


You look at other people in the gym, at the beach, or just walking round town and wish you could keep a good physique as easily as they do.


Anyway, the reason why you’re not there yet?


It’s not down to you.

Its an industry problem!

Thats right...CONSPIRACY NUTT!


I joke of course, but the real issue is diets & programs in gyms are treating peoples weight loss like a disease!  

"6 weeks to dream body"

"lean in 15"

"lose 20lbs in 6 weeks and money back" 

I know we want quick results and thats fine, but the way everyone else does it is setting most people up to fail.


People are getting a great result, then think thats job done, the weight is off I have now lost weight FOREVER! 

So they finish there course, diet whatever, stick at it a little longer maybe but eventually get bored, lose motivation, go back to square 1 and think what should I try next?

And this is why you have tried 10s of diets! 

This is why I see weight loss like trying to get rid of an infection or a disease...

Do the program for 6 weeks, lose weight...Bye bye program.

Like a course of antibiotics.

The diet or program teaches you nothing. Its just a thing u do to get rid of weight. Follow blindly with no sense of what is happening.

No wonder people try everything over and over. 

Its time to finally understand how your body works and how to maintain a great result so you dont need to waste hundreds of £££ and go through cycles of feeling great then depressed about your body!

And its so easy....


Easier what you tried already..


Restricting yourself so much, sweating everyday, giving up your life, giving up fave foods, counting calories and getting more and more confused every time something new comes out and going through this cycle ALL YEAR! 

And my method is fun, stress free & involves no tracking or any kind.

Sound to good to be true?

Read on and you may think differently

You see when I was working at a big commercial gym I got to know some stuff that goes behind the scenes of a gym...How many members, sales process and also how many people ACTUALLY CAME. 

Also got to see things and speak to many members. I ran classes so spoke to many people.

After a while I started to notice some common problems....

1. Most people who signed up to the gym, never went. Out of thousands who pay, hundreds actually went. 

2. The gym had no plan or support for beginners...It was sign up and crack on. I rarely seen them. Why? They felt intimidated and didn't know what to do so never went back. 

3. The ones who did come were hiding in classes. Which is better than nothing, but after speaking to them they really needed and wanted a change which classes weren't giving them.

On top of this everyone I spoke to was having a hard time understanding nutrition...

I would get asked...

" How do i use myfitness pal" 

"Should I stop eating carbs" 

"Should I go veggie"

There was no help from the gym, they were all confused & overwhelmed looking for the perfect diet and only felt safe in a class away from the gym floor. 


I know right? Another transformation program?

Another quick fix, bootcamp, gym bunnies, blokes everywhere, show offs, intimidating people and stupidly priced?

Not this one...



The fit&vital life transformation is a unique course designed to burn fat and knock off those unwanted inches. Without dieting & counting calories. 

You dont need to be fit already and there is no judgement or fear of being out of place.

Instead the course provides you with the tools and education you need to balance your nutrition with your lifestyle so you can still enjoy life & cheat meals while losing weight! 

This is not a crash course in weight loss where the motivation is to get your money back and then put the weight back on!

I have found over the past 3 years that when you try be to strict, perfect & hard on yourself you give up easy and think you have messed up and failed...

You haven't. Trying to be perfect wont work, and you dont need to be. 

We have fun, keep things simple, focus on little wins & better habits to help produce lasting results without stress and fear of perfection & failing

Here is what Abi had to say about our methods...



So who is this for?

This is for you if you are a driven individual who has tried losing weight in the past but was failed by that service and found the weight came back because you didn't know how to sustain the weight loss. 



The gym has failed you. You haven't went back for months or even years and feel like you dont know where to start with your weight loss journey out of fear and low confidence. 

If you want & need help in a small group of other beginners and people just like you, your in the right place

Am I not to old?

We dont have young, skinny people in our groups. We want to help you if you meet the criteria above. It does not matter how old you are for us. Because we dont run you into the ground everyday and do crazy hard exercises you may fear right now. 

Like we helped Denise...


How does this work?


This works by training 3x per week in a gym located in Bellway industrial estate, Benton (Next t jump 360). 

Mondays & Thursday 8pm & Saturday 9am. Dont worry you dont need to come to every session every week if you cant. I know life can be hectic. There is ways to make up sessions missed with other classes we run.


We train with a combination of fun boxing workouts, fun cardio activities, games, challenges, free weights & weight training circuits. 


We keep the groups to a max of 10 people so even if you never used weights before me and my partner Jade can help you learn. 

I plan a nutrition guide in away that does not overly restrict, does not include counting calories, points tracking or any other kind of complex tracking.

We focus on eating well, enjoying life & treats, while living clean & in balance :)....That is how you sustain weight loss. 

What you get:

1. 3x results focused sessions for 8 weeks. So you can tone up, improve fitness & have fun and still have plenty of rest between sessions to spend time with the family while getting results (Value £300)

2. Non restrictive Nutrition guide which dosent include calorie counting. So you can build better habits for best results but dont feel restricted, get bored counting calories and dont feel like your on a diet (Value £50)

3. Recipe packs so you are never stuck for simple food choices after a busy day at work and never get bored of boring meals! (Value £60)

4. 2 free personal training sessions for you and a friend so can you get professional 121 help with any areas you need help with during the programme (Value £60)

5. UNLIMITED access to my fitness classes every Tuesday 6:30pm So you can enhance your fitness levels and get extra training in at no extra cost (Value £80)

6. Part of my client only, VIP community so you are never alone and accountable everyday for guaranteed success (PRICELESS)


You pay...ONLY £157


Tight for cash but know you need this??

No problem! 

You can split the payment over 2 months! 


You get a 30 day money back guarantee. If your not happy or seeing results you wanted let me know within 30 days and you can have your money back! 


Mondays 7 or 8pm

Thursdays 7 or 8pm

Saturdays 8am or 9am



Answer...Bellway industrial estate, Benton NE12 9SW

So when you're ready to finally stop hiding away in baggy clothes. And ignite unstoppable confidence in the clothes you love without the heavy restrictions of the past. Join the pre reserve list using the button below.

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Taking applicants from 23/2/2020

People on pre reserve list get first spaces.

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