You're Here Because You Want To Tone Your Legs, Bum & Core Without Being Intimidated By Lycra Show Offs In The Gym!

Hey, Welcome to my page :) 

You probably dont know me so I plan on sharing a little bit of information about me, is that ok? I will assume you said yes and continue. 

My name is Jade and I am now a full time coach for Fit&Vital Life. I help driven women build, tone & shape in their legs, bum & core using my LBC method (More on that later) 

I understand that there is alot of women out their working hard to get in shape...Doing all the classes, cutting down on food, trying all the different fads and diets, running, spin and not seeing the change they want. But more specifically not building the tone in the legs, bum & core they they thought they would get!

I know this because I was once that person...Running, pump, spin, pump you name it! I lost aloooot of weight, but not in a good way! I lost all my shape, tone and muscles!

Maybe you are experiencing the same thing, maybe not. If your on this page there is a good chance you are. Or at least starting to think all the cardio and classes your doing may not be as good for you tone as you think.  

But if you read this page to the end I will show you how you can build shape, tone and muscles in your bum. Deal? I will assume you said yes :) 





















So here is the thing there is no better way to build muscle tone than adding resistance...Weights, bands, cables. They all influence the shape, feel and tone of your legs, bum & core. 

Not running, pump, zumba or boogie disco classes....Just resistance! 

If there is not enough resistance applied and consistently progressed the tone and shape has no reason to change. 

Muscles only respond to consistent, progressive resistance through weights, bands & cables. 

Most the women I meet when helping them tone their legs, bum & core all fear not being able to do the exercises they see others do in the gym.


They think its out of reach or to hard, scared they might fail. I get it! I did once. 

Until I learned how to use resistance properly with my partner and Coach for Fit&Vital Life Sean. Now I can help others with what I know so you dont need to try and get embarrassed if you do it wrong in the gym. 
















In this small group programme there is no judgement or fear of doing it wrong or not being able to do it. 

I have went through the process of getting things wrong over and over so I can show you how not to make them mistakes. 

I am just a regular girl like you, I have kids and can help others who feel all is lost after months of trying. It comes down to focus on the right exercises.  























Most exercise classes will get you sweaty, make you feel good, good social occasion and a gym can have similar benefits. 

But if you want to change your shape you need specific resistance work on the right areas. 


That is where my LBC method comes in...

My methods are simple but highly effective. We use a combination of banded exercises with weights training just 2x per week so you dont need to spend hours in the gym everyday, jumping up and down and running around bootcamp style! 

Imagine training twice per week, eating well & having fun while changing the shape, look and feel of your legs, bum & core? 

No more fad diets, celebrity dvds, people putting you off in the gym or thinking only people with injections get good bums. 

If you want to learn more hit the red send message button below and I can share the details with you


Your coach, Jade



*Disclaimer - Results on this page are not typical or expected by anyone who starts my programme. Your results may differ to the ones you see on this page. And will vary depending on a number of different factors including, time, own individuality, work rate & commitment. I am not implying you will duplicate these results, these are purely for example purposes only. And by no means reflect what your outcome will be. 

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