How Cath Lost 16lbs In 16 Weeks By Cutting Back On Running & Eating More Food, While Fighting The Menopause.



Meet Body Transformer Cath :) 


In this post I want to give you the process Cath took to lose 19lbs in 16 weeks...

I know, I know, that sounds crazy! 


But Cath is just a regular person like you and I. She has no special gift or genetics which made this loss easier for her!


In fact Cath is going through the menopause like many other people in the world. 


And I think her story is powerful to everyone who doubts their abilities right now. 


Before she joined our programme Cath did alot of running but despite that was experiencing weight gain around the midsection and admittedly having to much fizz haha...


We got to have fun right! :) 


What Cath was missing from her routine was weights and a consistent routine different to what she was used to. 


As well as a change to her nutrition now she is going through the menopause.  


Like many people Cath was concerned that she would be to far behind everyone else, wouldn't be as fit and because of that would not enjoy it. 


Cath made the choice to do this on her own...Was her choice, her decision to make

the change she deserves. 


Here is how she did it...


Cut out 80% packaged foods - This is 1 of the main things I get all my clients to do when they Join our programme. If you have read my stuff before you will know I keep things simple. The simple fact is most packaged goods, even healthy ones are loaded with added sugar even if they say "low sugar" or "no added"


Just because it says that dosent mean NO SUGAR. It is essential to be able to know how to find hidden sugars in the ingredients list that arent labelled "sugar" 


This is what I teach all my clients to do when they join our programme. 


Eat more food, especially carbs - When your in the menopause you need to fuel the body well! Its needs more support and help than ever before!  


I remember Cath telling me 1 day she felt dizzy and sick during training. I asked what she been eating and it was very little over the past 24 hours. 


She fueld up more around training times and no longer felt low on energy or dizzy. 


Low carb, low calorie, low fats may have worked 10-15 years ago. They may even work for some for a while now.


But the fact is the body needs more food and support to make sure it functions properly and optimizes body fat loss. Especially when you are exercising.


Which brings me to next step...


Less food could mean more body fat - There is strong scientific studies that support the theory that eating to little food overtime will eventually stop you from losing weight. Here is why...


If the body dosent get enough food, overtime it will think it is in a state of famine and will hold onto body fat to fuel the body because it does not know when it will get more food. 


This is why some people who eat so little to try lose weight and exercise so much find themselves frustrated they stop losing weight. 


The body will only lose for so long before it starts to prioritize survival over your weight loss goals. 


Lift weights - Cath did alot of running and wasn't getting much weight loss success. As healthy as running can be, running alone or to much running has downsides...


Alot of running when not supported by a high protein diet, not eating enough and not weight training can eat into muscle tissue causing you to lose tone, get injuries and actually stall weight loss. 


Having toned muscles means you burn more calories at rest, have more shape and fit into clothes more comfortably. 


Females hormones, progesterone and estrogen dont aid in muscle toning. This is why high protein, more food and weight training is important to help with muscle toning. 


This is especially important during the menopause because muscle toning loses shape during the change.



Using a combination of cardio, weights, more food & high protein means the body is more likely to be more efficient at burning body fat, holding onto muscle tone and having a better shape than running alone. 





So these are the steps Cath took and was consistent with over 16 weeks to lose 19lbs on our programme. 


Now Cath is filled with more energy, a lean body, more confidence, eats better and has more discipline and will power at weekends...


She still has fun! But now understands how to manage her lifestyle to maintain her shape and fitness.  


Our simple and more enjoyable process allows you to eat more food, stabilize your metabolism, stabilize blood sugar and fuels the body with vital nutrients that engage the body into a varied training routine that burns more calories at rest, sparks exciting confidence, ignites electric energy levels and unleashes unstoppable motivation.


If you need help getting started with weights so you can tone up, build more confidence & improve your shape click the link below to fill in the short form and we can chat about working together.








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