"How to manage sweet/sugar cravings so you can increase energy levels, feel more confident & finally get consistent weight loss results"



1.How much do you want to get results? - Your goal has to be important enough to you in order to make the effort to figure out what to change. If you dont have a clear goal that is important...The rest of this blog wont help you. Simply because you dont care enough to make these changes consistently and analyze whats working and whats not


2. High fiber & high essential fats at meal times - Including high fiber foods and fats in your meals will help you feel fuller for longer. Leaving you less likely to crave sugars/sweets.


3. Dont restrict to much - Trying to cut out all your fave foods wont work forever. A relapse is inevitable unless you can control your treats. Enjoy your treats from time to time and practice limiting yourself. Only through practiced effort will you change. 


4. Plenty water - When you think your hungry or craving...You may just be thirsty. Try having 500ml of water (not in 1 go) and see if you still feel hungry. Also try having small amounts of homemade, freshly squeezed orange in your water from time to time. 


5. Regular balanced meals - Eating regular meals/snacks helps keep blood sugar stable. Every 2-4 hours is a general guide.


6. Use habit/goal tracker sheet or an app - This is a resource I use with my clients. Maybe your cravings are habitual and arent really needed. There is apps you can use to help change habits and stick with them


7. Use alternative options for a fix - Dark choc, fruit smoothies with fats and proteins in such as flax seeds, avocado & whey protein scoops. 


8. BE CONSISTENT - Try all or most relevant options above and stick at them to see how they are working. You wont change over night so give it time.


9. Reflect and figure out triggers - Always be monitoring whats working and whats not, whats triggering cravings and make adjustments for next time.



Thanks for reading, 


Sean Leach 


P.S If you want to lose 10-14lbs in just 8 weeks without giving up the foods you love, when your ready you can connect with me via messenger on Facebook

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