How Lesley Lost Just Under A Stone In 6 Weeks After Facing The Challenge Of Bad Knees, No Confidence & Way Out Of Her Comfort Zone. The Simple 5 Step Process...




Step 1 - Set a clear goal. Lesley was going to Barcelona with her sister in law before she met me. Her goal was to feel more comfortable, confident, improve fitness and lose some weight so she could enjoy herself more. 


What is your goal? If you have no goal, how will you know what you want and how to get there? 


Step 2 - Align yourself with a community of support. So you have a goal, now who is going to support you and help you on your journey. Name me 1 person who has achieved anything great alone? 


Footballers, cyclists, runners, scientists, boxers, all have teams... You likely have a team at work! Your family and your partners are your team. 


Doing anything alone is hard, who is gonna keep you going when things get hard, hold you accountable to stay on track, have someone to talk to about problems your facing. Or even congratulate you when you reach a milestone. 


Lesley Joined our Transformation programme   That was her community of support. 




Step 3 - Cut out 80% packaged goods gradually. Ditch the diet plans....Why? A diet plan is something you follow for a period of time and then give up or throw out once your done because you hit your goal, got bored or lost interest. Most "Diet" plans we dont like and we dont wanna follow a plan for the rest of our lives! 


One of the first steps I encourage my clients to take, is get rid of 80% packaged goods. Some can be excused...Tuna, passata, spaghetti and even some bars with no added sugar at all! 


Alot of packaged goods, even healthy ones are loaded with refined sugars. Making a cut back on them alone has a huge impact on weight loss. 


Without following a single diet plan or counting calories, Lesley used my nutrition guide to make better choices...





Step 4 - Lift weights and make them heavy! I know it can be scary and alot of people are afraid of heavy weights because they think they will hurt you. And they might if you do them wrong. 


But under the supervision of myself and my partner Jade, lesely learned how to lift free weights so she could build muscle tone which helps change shape and burn more calories at rest. Which in turn builds confidence and improves movement. 






Step 5 - Progress and dont quit, stop or slow down! 


I see and hear it all the time...You lose weight and think job done...Feet up, go back to old habits, stop going to the group and then months later back to square 1. 


Bad idea...


Lesley is now on her third programme She has had injuries, holidays, weekends away but still comes back and keeps going. Sure we have to take a couple steps back if injured, of course but she aint quitting and she has kept the weight off and actually lost more now! 


I hope you found this post useful and actually go ahead and implement these steps. 


If you do you can get results just like Lesley...


Thanks for reading,


Sean Leach

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How Lesley Lost Just Under A Stone In 6 Weeks After Facing The Challenge Of Bad Knees, No Confidence & Way Out Of Her Comfort Zone. The Simple 5 Step...

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