How slimming world consultant got these results lifting weights!




Here are 3 main steps Xena took and what you can take to change shape...


1. You need to cut down on excessive running/cardio - You may be burning muscle tissue, thus making you lose tone & shape.


And if your not building muscle tissue you may struggle to lose body fat. Even if you do alot of cardio.


What can I do?


Introduce weight lifting twice per week alongside your running - That is what Xena did


2. Replace classes such as zumba, combat, pump, disco or whatever else with progressive weights...Its not enough to do these classes over and over.


Sure do them if you want...But you need to be lifting weights and progressing to build tone & drop body fat.


What can I do?


Replace 2 classes with heavy free weight training if the goal is to lose body fat and build shape & tone.


3. Stop counting calories - Eat food, enjoy food, enjoy life and stop worrying about numbers that an app tells you to eat.


An app dont know you or what you need...Your body will tell you what it needs if you pay attention. Eating to little is likely causing your lack of results...


What can I do?


Dont go hungry - Listen to your body and feed your body with the fuel it needs, when it needs it...Your body will tell you...Just listen! :)


If you would like to know more about how you can get started lifting weights like Xena did...












*Disclaimer - Results on this page are not typical or expected by anyone who starts my programme. Your results may differ to the ones you see on this page. And will vary depending on a number of different factors including, time, own individuality, work rate & commitment. I am not implying you will duplicate these results, these are purely for example purposes only. And by no means reflect what your outcome will be. ​







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