Want to build tone, grow in confidence and lose inches?

Hey Friend, Sean Leach here. If the title of this blog is exactly what you want, Then read on...



In this blog I want to teach you 3 reasons why weightlifting is essential to achieve those 3 things above^^^^


But first of all who am I?


My name is Sean Leach, and I help Women become more confident, fitter, stronger, healthier and feel younger! So they can do things they never thought they could and never feel embarrassed in the gym again!


For nearly 3 years I have coached weightlifting to 100s of people. Why?


Because weightlifting, in my opinion is essential to live a Fit&Vital Life and plays a big role in the 3 goals listed above.






For to long I have witnessed people join commercial gyms to get the help they need, only to be failed by the gym, scared or embarrassed to actually learn how to use the essential equipment needed to grow in confidence and get the results they joined the gym for.


If you've fell in the trap of doing the same exercise class over and over for months, not stepped out your comfort zone and tried new things, or haven't went back to the gym for months but know you haven't made the progress you need and deserve...


Listed below is 3 benefits of weightlifting that anyone can achieve. I hope this helps,


1. Muscles give the human body shape. Without lifting weights the muscles lose shape, which in turn loses tone. In order to build tone, shape and firm muscles. A significant amount of resistance must be applied to change the shape and tone of the muscles. This is where weightlifting comes in.


Long distance cardio, light weights & exercise classes dont provide enough resistance to change the shape and tone of the human body. Thus the body will appear out of shape and lack firm tone.


This is a photo of my partner Jade and her before and after pictures. The before photo was from alot of cardio, excess sitting, cutting back on calories and very little weight training. After doing more weights, and eating better she started building shape and firm muscles to her bum and the rest of her body.


Simply put, progressive resistance training using weights is the most important factor to building muscle tone.


Weight training at least twice per week for a beginner is a good start. Starting light, and progressing with the weights each week can help improve shape and tone over time.


Think about Paula Radcliffe shape, someone who uses running as exercise. Compared to Jessica ennis Hill and her body shape, who trains using weights and interval training more often.




2. My clients all told me, since learning how to lift weights their confidence using gym equipment and confidence with themselves has improved. Why?


Because now they are doing things they never thought they could, that installs confidence. And that carries over in to your personal life.


When you feel good with what your achieving in the gym, it helps with feeling good in everyday life.


Weightlifting, when done in a progressive manner is a very rewarding achievement. To see progress each week, brings more confidence each week.


Start tracking your progress each week and try improve it every week for easy results 





3. Weight training helps drop inches by increasing metablosim. This in turn helps clothes sizes drop. Plus this can make clothes feel more fitted in a comfortable way due to increased muscle tone and shape.


Best way to go is to lift free weights and training from your feet most of the time. Sitting on machines to much deactivates alot of the body. Plus if your at work all day sitting down, your time in the gym is best spent more on your feet for maximum health benefits as well as metabolism benefits for weight loss and change of shape. 


I suggest using deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, lunges, squats & twisting movements for maximum benefit to your body all round. 



This is colleen's results from 5 weeks of weight training on my Barbells for beginners programme doing everything I have just mentioned...



This is Sharyn, she has been my client for over a year and has progressed so much from when we first met. Sharyn uses weight training in our 121 session & in the group programme she does with me,



This is Tracey. Tracey also trains 121 with me doing heavy weight training as well as group training with Sharyn.




If this blog has helped you but you would like to know more about how you can start weightlifting click here, to get in touch on Facebook for a chat via messenger :)


on the 24/2/19 @8pm I will be releasing just 2 spaces in both my Barbells for beginners weightlifting programme groups.


Group 1 9:30am Tuesday & Thursday - Starting 5/3/19


Group 2 7:30pm & Saturday morning 10am - Starting 5/3/19


If either of those days and times work for you get in touch via messenger to claim your spot



Thanks for reading,


Sean Leach



*Disclaimer - Results on this page are not typical or expected by anyone who starts a weightlifting programme. Your results may differ to the ones you see on this page. And will vary depending on a number of different factors including, time, own individuality, work rate & commitment. I am not implying you will duplicate these results, these are purely for example purposes only. And by no means reflect what your outcome of weight training will be. 

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