How to Tone and lift the bum muscles quickly!

If your goal is to build a better shape to your bum, learn how to lift weights properly and follow a simple, easy to digest nutrition system specific to toning and shaping…Then this for you!  


After working with women for over 2 years I have learned that the bum is probably one of the most under-trained, overlooked body part. 


However, you may be embarrassed about your bum, maybe you can see in the mirror that it is sagging, or cellulite is starting to appear. Maybe it doesn’t feel or look good in jeans anymore.


At the same time this body part is the one that women will check out on others & even envy of others. 


So why is more not being done to build confidence with our own bums?


I think its lack of knowledge on how to train the bum properly and the misconception that it takes to much hard work which is unrealistic for the average working women.


Or is made out to be super easy and done in 5-10 minutes. 


That’s not anyone's fault, that is what is presented to us in magazines. We see celebrities who have it all, getting it all and thinking that only the rich and famous have the resources to get a firm, well-shaped bums. 


Or we follow along with the routine they present in the magazines and online and think that we can get what they have in a few short moves, realize it takes more work than that and then give up defeated. 


So, we either do nothing and continue to feel bitter about others or go to large group exercise classes in the name of "exercising" to try and get the shape we want, but don’t realize the classes aren’t helping firm and shape your bum. And nobody is coaching you personally to help with the self-conscious feeling you have.


So we are left still feeling embarrassed, self-conscious and low on confidence.   


Furthermore, we have buys jobs, maybe spend a lot of time sitting at work and then rushing around for the family. Before you know it, the week is over, you have done a little bit of exercise but still not really seeing any change in the shape of your bum and still feel down and defeated!


But wait...With so much information in magazines, you tube and Instagram promising firm butts in minutes...How can anyone not get a better butt??








In case you didn't pick up my sarcasm...I think there is a major disconnect between information and education. 


I hope nobody reading this thinks you can get a firm but in minutes?


From my experience coaching women for over 2 years I have found that in order to get lasting results that will bring compliments and confidence in yourself, you need to follow these steps

(In detail): 


1. Follow a progressive training plan (For longer than 2 minutes) that teaches correct form and correct exercises to build shape in your bum. This includes progressive weight training. 


2. Eat the right foods, at the right times, that are right for you. Designed by a coach who has took the time to get to know you and understand your body. Not a generic one you read on a blog!


3. Don’t give up the foods you love - Being too restrictive will result in a heavy relapse that will undo your hard work


4. Accountability - Having someone to hold you accountable keeps you on track. How easy is it to not go to a class if you have no real commitment to someone? Accountability from a coach makes sure you get the work done and get it done right 


5. Cut down on long distance or continuous cardio efforts such as exercise classes, treadmills and spinning for example - When done too often, without the right nutrition and weight training alongside it...Will force the body to start burning muscle tissue. Eventually leaving you with less muscle for tone and shape. Ever noticed yourself losing shape after long periods of cardio work?


Look at Mo Farah or any long-distance runner compared to a sprinter who lifts weights and does higher intensity workouts as opposed to long slow exercise. 


6. Fire up your bum regular throughout the day.... Let’s say you have a desk job or spend 5-6 hours a day sitting. It’s a good idea to wake up your bum with some "activation" exercises that help firm your bum over time and perk it up. This has the added benefit of helping with back pain and keeping your joints and muscles healthy. 


Of course, there is more detail to each of these points and many, MANY others to consider which I can’t possibly explain in this blog without sitting to my chair for 24 hours. But if you can get a basic grasp of these...It’s a start! 


Right now, you might be thinking...This is great but I don’t know where to start...I don’t know how to choose the right exercises for my bum or understand nutrition for my bum?! 


The good news is you can check out Secret insights to building a booty workshop my partner Jade is running. This is perfect for newbies or people who don’t know what to do when it comes to training your bum or people who have been trying to for a while but are not seeing results.  



Jade is a regular person like you and I who has a passion to help others ditch the negative emotions she once had with her bum after having 2 kids. Now as a coach with me she helps people, like the ones in the photo below learn how to build a shape that you can be proud of.





If you’re thinking that you don’t need help, or you have the answers already then that’s cool. Just understand that everyone needs help at some point. Look at all the top athletes and sports teams...Are they alone with all the answers? No, they all have help. There is always more you can learn. 


If you have got this far chances are you’re not happy with your booty shape. If your struggling with exercises in the gym, sick of your routine, making little progress and feel self-conscious about your bum then reach out for help


Jade has achieved her booty goals by following the above steps and seeking help to learn how to make the change most effective. 



*These results on this photo not guaranteed. Your results will be different and will depend on your body and commitment. We can’t guarantee a specific look or result for you. 


Now she can help you build shape, tone and confidence in your booty by attending her workshop and learning step by step what she did and how she can help you do the same. 


Check out her workshop here




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