What do you see when you look in the mirror?


I have spent the last 2 years helping people become better versions of themselves. It gives me great pleasure to know that when they look in the mirror now, they see a better version of themselves. And they are happy, motivated and driven to make more change.


Its addictive when you see what your capable of. 


The sad thing is alot of people are looking in the mirror now and they are unhappy with what they see...They feel demotivated, tired, sluggish, unwanted & unattractive. 


I know the feeling! 


Before I was a personal trainer I spent 6 months behind an office desk working in a sales job. 7 hours on my butt doing jack shit but eat crap from the canteen and vending machines!



On top of that I was wishing my days away waiting for the weekend so I could drink to much, smoke to much and put my body through even more pain...In the name of fun and "letting lose" 


Its the weekend right? 


You feel you have to after a shitty day or shitty week? 


I was not happy with what I seen in the mirror anymore! 


Enough was enough! 


I was so grateful to experience a burning desire to make a change! This desire was so strong it pushed me to leave my job! A steady, well paid job as well. But I was so fed up with the way my life was i had to change! 


Before I did that I made a plan to save up as much money as I could so i could live unemployed for 6 months, sort my health out and do what I had always dreamed of...Become a health professional helping others achieve success and get out of destructive habits causing nothing but pain!


Now I have helped many people get out of ruts and into healthy habits that are positive and productive to a healthy fulfilled life.


Julia's amazing transformation on my program:


Do you ever look back at old photos and think OH MY GOD!!! I have let myself go?


Do you ask questions like...


Why am I saggy now?


Or think...


Why wont these jeans fit!


I have lost my shape!!


Have you lost confidence in yourself because you feel your to old to make a change now?


Or life gets in the way


Nobody can make the change for you! You have to get out there and do what it takes! 


Results wont come knocking on the door!


You have to break the door in and grab them!!


So if your not happy with what you see in the mirror, if you have put a load of weight on since last new years party...


Ask yourself why? 


What am I missing, what am I not doing right...And more importantly do I have the desire to make the change!


You may need someone in your life to kick you up the ass and get after it like you know you can! 


A coach who can keep you accountable and kick start you into feeling younger, doing things you haven't done for years & feel confident again! 


If you want it...GO GET IT!!! 


If you feel you need help, feel free to message me on 07954803533. It would be a pleasure to have a chat and get you on track :)


Alternatively you can download my 7 day clean eating guide to help you out 


You're only 8 weeks away...



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