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How Much Better Would You Feel if You Could Just Lose 1 Dress Size?

And Do It Without Any Confusing Calorie Or Point Tracking, Without Giving Up Your Life Or Fave Foods, Without Restrictive Diets, Without Cardio Or High Impact Cardio, Without Any Weight Loss Supplements Or Shakes & Without ANY RISK...

In 8 Weeks OR LESS! 

Here Is How...

Drop A Dress Size For Summer 8 Week Challenge!

When? Apply now, start right away!

Where? Holystone 

Who For? Women who want to drop a dress size without any brutal cardio & counting calories.

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Who Are Fit&Vital Life?
Hey Sean Leach, here, on the left of the photo. 
Back in December 2017, I decided to leave my job and become unemployed...By choice!
I was in a dead-end job, wasting my life and masking that fact with drugs and drink! 
I was slowly killing myself while living an unhealthy life, both mentally and physically. 
The funny thing is I have always had an interest in health & fitness...Well, more than an interest, I have studied it since I was 16! 
Doing something in health & fitness was always my only option, and the only thing I am really "good" at. 
Even when I was misusing drugs, I still had this interest. 
I met Jade (on the right in the photo) and began to calm a little. She helped me live unemployed for six months. 
So I could eventually do my Personal Trainer Course! The same 1 I have been trying to do for years...
You know when you get something and hardly do anything with it! 
I saved up enough money for six months and went all in living unemployed and following my passion. While looking after our puppy at the time, Ellie. 
I had no idea how to run a business, but I knew how to help people, so I got off to an ok, lucky start picking up a few clients, but it was hard the first few months to a year.

We struggled because its hard to do this gig! Becoming self-employed is tough.

Being solely responsible for your income is hard to start, but also the reason why I love it so much now. 
I used to cry a lot when things were hard at the start. Debating packing in and going back to a full-time job (Only for a few minutes)
When I snapped out of it and remembered how far I had already come, I used the same drive that kept me going living unemployed and applied that to getting better...
I spent hours and hours and still do spend the hours into learning and improving how to help more people and make a more significant impact. 
Things were getting better. Jade was still working in her job, also hated her Job. 
In her spare time, she would help me run our first set of group classes we did at Benfield sports center. 
That was the start of us becoming a double act helping hundreds since! 
Week by week, Jade was hating her Job more and more. Things were going well with me in the gym, we moved to a new gym, and things were great. 
They were so good Jade was able to leave her job and do the same thing I did. It was my turn to repay the favor and support her while she does her course. 
In no time flat, she was in the gym with me, getting her clients and doing well very quickly. 
I remember when I was in my first gym job...

I noticed and spoke to many people who had no idea what to do in the gym, so they either never went back or were hiding in classes.

Big gyms were failing people. 
So we created programs to help women learn how to lift weights & lose weight in a safe environment and build confidence with their bodies and abilities. 
Jade followed her passion and expertise in knowing how to tone the legs, bum & core with her unique methods to create the LBC method. 

We have helped hundreds of women, and some men in the past three years achieve amazing things...

Lose weight after months of trying, build confidence for the first time in years, drop clothes sizes, lower blood pressure, come off blood pressure medication, finally be able to walk upstairs.

And do exercises they thought they would never be able to do. 

But above all else, created a community where people can have fun, be themselves, and enjoy exercise. 

That is what makes us most proud.  

When I first started, I never would have imagined we would so help many. 

Both me and Jade have become more confident as people and in our abilities because of our clients pushing us every day.

I used to be terrible at communicating with strangers, which is funny to look back on now. 
Now we are into the next chapter of our journey.

We are taking our programs (and more projects to come) in our gym in Holystone when lockdown ends. 

And we are helping people online so anyone can get our help from anywhere in the world.

​It has been a crazy, fun, and rewarding journey that, in many ways, is just beginning. 

Might see you along this journey one day :) 

​Sean & Jade

We Have Helped HUNDREDS of Women Over The Past 4 Years!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said And Achieved On Our Coaching Programs And Services...
*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.
*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.
*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.
*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

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My partner jade & coach at our gym runs her own programs specific to toning the bum and does 121 personal training. She shares what she does on her stroires on Facebook. Send her a friend request and say Hi here
The Body Tone Nutrition Bundle
Everything You Need For The Kitchen To Tone Up
A collection of nutritional & educational resources that provide everything you need for the kitchen to tone up. Without any calorie or macro counting...

So you can tone up and drop inches without the hassle of counting calories and dieting! 

FREE On-Demand Workshop...
How To Drop Clothes Sizes Without Any Brutal Cardio Or HITT!
In this 45-minute workshop, I will break down how you can get a great inch loss results without doing any cardio...

And show why it works better to NOT do any cardio.

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The Body Tone Blueprint
3 Steps To Tone Up Without Any Equipment & Dieting
If I have no weights, I don't wanna go to the gym yet, don't like cardio, not keen on exercise & having a sweaty unfit feeling, I love carbs and I don't wanna count calories and do macros how do I tone up?

The exact steps to take in this video.

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FREE On-Demand Case Study Class...
How To Tone Up In January!
Ok I know, its not January anymore! 

But this class will give you a plan you can apply anytime of year to tone up & drop inches. 

I break down our client success stories into an actionable case study plan.

So you can follow the same steps to get a result when you are ready! 

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FREE Weight Training Workout
A Weight Training Workout That Can Be Done At Home Or In The Gym
A weight training workout with video demos from our clients & written descriptions on how to do each exercise.

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FREE Beginners Guide To Weightlifting
A FREE Downlaodable PDF which  breaks down the benefits of lifting weights (even at home) and some simple steps to get started.
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Private Female Gym In Holystone Newcastle

Fit&Vital Life
Unit 19 Wesley Court
Benton Square Industrial Estate
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We help Women ignite unstoppable confidence by teaching how to use free weights. So you can tone up & drop inches without the relapse of Traditional weight loss Bootcamps.
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Disclaimer - The results on this page are not typical or expected by everyone. These are to show what is possible if you work hard for a long period of time, every day & every week. This is not easy...It takes hard work! Your results will 100% depend on your commitment, effort and consistent desire to work hard every single day. You wont get any result from simply joining a program or buying a product...Hard work will have to follow. Even if you work your hardest there is still many other factors that can influence a result. What one person achieves does not mean you will achieve the same. Gender, age, metabolic state & genetics will all play a part in your result. Plus you will have to work extremely hard on your nutrition everyday to get the best result possible. Its not enough just to train, get a free thing or buy something and think job done.
With our help we can get you where you want to be. But it is 100% down to you putting in the work in order to get it.