Women who want to lose 14-20lbs without going on a diet plan & giving up your life

Our BRAND NEW REMOTE 121 coaching method allows you to eat more food, stabilize your metabolism, stabilize blood sugar and fuels the body with vital nutrients that engage the body into a varied training routine that burns more calories at rest, sparks exciting confidence, ignites electric energy levels and unleashes unstoppable motivation.

Hey there,


Sean Leach here.


If you would like to know how to finally stop spending £££ on multiple different progrmmes & products which have failed you so far...

Read to the end and you will find out! 



Fed up of not being able to lose weight?


Stresses you out that clothes dont fit well?


Think you failed over and over?


Tired of feeling embarrassed and judged about your weight?


If your thoughts are consumed with how you’re going to lose weight, then I’m going to make you an offer so good, you can’t refuse.

You're probably thinking I am never going to lose weight now...Had kids, getting old, on medication, work & social life gets in the way I dont know how to balance it all!


You may be experiencing problems gaining weight & struggling to lose it because you are not adapting your lifestyle to meet the new demands of the body and its activities.

Resulting in stubborn weight loss, low energy, depleted motivation & lack of self esteem.  



Your confused & clueless:

You eat well

Go running 

Eat loads of fruit

Cut back on red meat

Go to classes

Its not your fault

Changes need to be made from the norm.

What works for 1 dosent work for another. 

Time to understand what YOU need

And STOP following the masses bouncing from product to product

Instead its time to solve all your problems in 1 hit, with 1 programme!

This PROGRAMME  allows you to eat more food, stabilize blood sugar, fire up metabolism & burn more body fat at rest! 


By focusing on quality, clean foods & eating regular balanced meals we can burn more body fat at rest by eating more food & weight training alongside a cardio routine.

Introducing an offer you cant refuse...

My 121 90 day COACHING programme that GUARANTEES 14-20LBS LOST OR MONEY BACK! 


Unlike other products & programmes that will let you buy and leave you lost at see no matter the result I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT!  

You will have my private, 121 focus and attention for 90 days to ensure you get your result!

But not only that! 

You will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to actually SUSTAIN THAT LOSS

So you never need to go back and forth spending £££ on product after product 

Thats what makes my coaching superior and different! 

And now YOU also! 

I am coaching you into freedom and understanding of you and how to manage your WEIGHT LOSS FOREVER! 

So you never need to buy a pill, gel, programme or powder again! 

You wont even need to see me again. 

Unless in the unlikely event you enjoying spending digital time with me then you can stick around for accountability at a lifetime low cost! 


This means - You dont need to travel to me, perfect for those with hectic shifts, busy kids keeping them from travel or need extra support alongside your current training routine! 

Here is what you get:

⚡️ Done for you 12 Week Electric Energy Training Routine - A Non Scary, Flexible training routine. Specific to you, your lifestyle & your goals. That fits around your schedule. So you can train at home, the gym or outside and never miss a workout. This is designed with you in mind so you can burn more body fat, burn more calories at rest & increase energy levels in 90 days or less

Using a combination of weights, cardio, interval training, boxing & circuits

You get the structure & fun to your workouts needed to get results, build unstoppable energy levels and maintain motivation

(Value £360)

🥞 The NO Diet Plan Nutrition Approach - So you never get bored or restricted & can learn what to eat around training times, when to eat and why for your body & best results. And be flexible with meals, so you can still have a life and enjoy the foods you love. This will help you drop clothes sizes, 1 by 1! 

(VALUE £100)

🍇Vitality Infused Recipe Packs - Monthly updated, so you are never stuck for tasty, healthy, easy to make, balanced meals for the whole family to enjoy. This will make sure your metabolism is always firing for maximum fat burning!

(Value £80)

👨‍🏫Weekly Knowledge Bombs - Access to my live weekly training videos so you can get fully educated on how to beat sugar cravings, build electric confidence in yourself, build fiery energy, ignite motivation and show will power who is boss! This will make sure you hit your goals and sustain them & you can always refer back to this info for life so you always know where to re educate yourself. (Value £100)




✔️Accountability Action Zone - Weekly group live check ins via any means you feel most comfortable that will give you everything you need! So you can ask questions, get more help, make sure we are on target towards your goals, make changes if need be and make sure you don't give up no matter what!

(Value £30)

✔️Accountability Hour - Daily accountability check ins in the group & 121 so you know what to do each day & get instant help you can take action on right away. This means you will be progressing and learning everyday for guaranteed success

(Value £30)

🧐Habit Cracking - Daily coaching into better and sustainable habit changes so you know what works best for your body, when to make better choices & regain control of your mindset. This will give you full control of your choices helping you grow in confidence and show yourself you can do it!

(Value £2520)

🤗Coach Access - Daily, private access to me anytime you need to message. I will be on hand to give you exactly what you need to help you hit your goals. This means you never need to guess, panic or struggle ever again which means failure will never happen. (PRICELESS)

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦  Family Community - You will be Part of my client only, VIP community so you are never alone and accountable everyday, around like minded people for guaranteed success. 


TOTAL VALUE = £3170! 


Your cost = £100 per month for 3 month! 


If I were charge you for all of the above with average daily personal training prices it would cost you = £3170!


A Lot of trainers would probably charge more for daily coaching! 


But for this level of daily coaching...


I am only charging £100 per month for the 90 day programme. 




You get a 30 day money back guarantee if you do everything and don't see a result within 30 days!


So worst case, you pay £100 now & it doesn't work for you...I will refund you. 


Best case...Is life changing! :) 

A sneak peak, behind the scenes at how it works when you sign up...

Allow me to break down how this works in a simple step by step process...

Step 1 - enroll today  risk free because your driven to tone up, feel fitter & build confidence with the way you look. Once you set up payment on the next page you will be taken to a thank you page where you will see a video from me directing you to the next steps...

Step 2 - Speak with me over the phone, skype or in person if you can. Or the modern way... via E-mail or txt message to chat about you, your goals, likes, dislikes, fave pet, TV programme...You get the idea :). Really laid back chat to find the best programme for you. 


Step 3 - Add you and welcome you into the Facebook group with the rest of the community so you now have 24/7 support from everyone on the same journey as you. 

Step 4 - Begin reading over the resources sent to you to help you get started while I write up your programme. 

Step 5 - Programme sent to your E-mail and your ready to start training around your time, at your local gym & Nutrition is all set up for you to follow. 

Step 6 - Keep in touch via message, in the group and ask questions any time. 

Here is what I want you to do next...

Hit the enroll today button below to secure your spot and then I will be in touch to get you starteed. 


Here is why...

This is limited to only 10 people! 

Reason being is, I like to keep numbers small at this stage because I want to be able to have time to manage everyone and coach everyone the best I can...To many people means I cant help everyone in the best way.

So hit "enroll today" to claim 1 of the limited spots...

Now at this point you may be thinking...

This all sounds great but I dont have access to a gym! 

Well you can get great results from making changes to your food alone. But if you want to improve your fitness, feel healthier, build a stronger more confident shape & tone to your body you will need to join a gym. 

If you can travel to me we can help you get started. 

Otherwise if you are driven to get more confident with your shape...Join a gym and get to work. 

One of the most common things I hear from people is "I dont have time" 

What I am really hearing is...

I am really not that committed or bothered about my health & confidence to commit 3-5 hours a week! 

This porgamme ONLY takes 3-5 hours per week! 

If your not willing to do that then learn to accept your not going to feel your most confident and can no longer complain about how rubbish you feel, how unfit you feel & how much you wish you could be a smaller size!

Because here is the thing...

Your'e in control of all that

Is every single hour of your week that precious and valued more than how you look and feel, you cant bare to part them for better health & happiness? 


This programme allows you to pick your own 3-5 hours a week...You dont need to commit to travelling to me in a strict routine. Just find the 3-5 hours a week and get to work...You're worth it! 

Alot of people tell me...

"I cant afford this".

My response is no problem, I understand...You can split the payments!

Some say that is still expensive, I say it is...I understand! 

But lets fast forward 12 weeks and you have lost weight, toned up, got into smaller clothes and your fitness has improved...How would that make you feel? 

In fact if you divide £300 over the 12 weeks that is ONLY £3.33 per day! 

Is having that money more important than getting into smaller clothes

Whats more important...£3.33 or feeling more confident than ever...

Whats more important £3.33 or finding a partner because you look and feel so good...

Whats more important £3.33 or being fit enough to play with your kids or climb the stairs better. 

Whats more important £3.33 or the pride you feel every time you look in the mirror knowing you took control of how you look and feel

If £3.33 is so important to you I will give you £3.33 in the post to cover your first day! 


£3.33 is nothing...I am not going to miss it and neither will you...

£3.33 will come back around...Your time to take control is running out! 

£3.33 is a little more than the cost of a meal deal at Morrison's


If a meal deal is more important to you then having more energy, motivation & self esteem then...

I will bank transfer the £3.33 every time we do our weekly check ins when you enroll today 

Might sound crazy but you know this is the right thing to do. You're changing your life and saving money and getting a meal deal free every week! 

In fact, that means your now getting this programme at 13% discount when you enroll today

If you haven't yet made the decision to enroll today I can only think you your worried about making a bad decision....Maybe you are! 

But what if you're not??

Lets say this is the worst thing ever for you! haha

I think we can agree that will be worst case scenario yeah? 

If that happens, here's how to fix it...

Let me know within 30 days and I will refund you :) 

Pretty easy! :) 

But what if it does work and you love it! :)

If you have got this far you have a gut feeling this is for you! And could make a huge difference in your life! 

12 Weeks from now you can have a completely different shape and your confidence is through the roof! 

Worst case you tell me its not for you and you can have your money back! 

But the best case is life changing...

Lets enroll today! 

TOTAL VALUE =  £3170!

You pay ONLY £100 Per month for 3 month

*When you click this button ^^^. You will be taking to another page to set up your secure direct debit with Fit&Vital Life. Once you set up payment on the next page you will be taken to a thank you page where you will see a video from me directing you to the next steps...

Need help ordering or have a question?

*Disclaimer - Results on this page are not typical or expected by anyone who starts my programme. Your results may differ to the ones you see on this page. And will vary depending on a number of different factors including, time, own individuality, work rate & commitment. I am not implying you will duplicate these results, these are purely for example purposes only. And by no means reflect what your outcome will be. ​

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