Meet your Booty Coach...

A little about me...

If I new back then how important weight training and resistance training was to build the shape of my bum, I would have trained a lot different!

The pressure after having 2 kids to just whip back into shape with all this new loose skin is overwhelming, and it got to me.

But I am over that, I found a way to balance having 2 kids and build my bum to form the shape I love. Now I am blessed with the opportunity to help others get theirs peachy perfect and smooth.

I wasted years religiously going to spinning, hammering the cross training thinking that’s how I needed to tone my loose skin and lose weight after giving birth. I have tried every diet possible, starving myself, taking every supplement, and even punishing myself when I ate bad. I ended up looking so skinny and drained. I was a size 6/8 straight, up and down figure.

Little did I know, a progressive training plan with the right coach & nutrition helped me feel more confident with my bum.

So how did I get where I am today? Let me tell you…

After giving birth to my 2nd beautiful son, I found myself reading magazines and watching TV shows a lot! I couldn’t help but see hourglass woman and thinking oh, wish I looked like that. I wanted to change, I had loose saggy skin (the baby pouch) when I turned to the side I was all lumps and bumps. I wanted it gone and fast! I started doing different diets, you name it I have done it. Seeing some change still made me unhappy because I was losing weight but not toning up. I suffer from mental health problems and tend to take note of every little details which I can’t help, it wasn’t good enough for me.

I forced myself to a gym with no clue what I was doing, so I started spinning. I thought it was the right kind of exercise to lose my stomach and smooth out my legs and bum keeping them big and achieve a smaller waist. However, I lost even more weight, I would maybe eat around 500 calories using my fitness pal, then spin, then treadmill for an hour after. I lost everything, my bum, curves and my confidence.

Meeting my partner who is a personal trainer changed me for good, he showed me weight training and the correct nutrition. I wanted to show off, make him and myself proud of my body so I squatted for my life. Every single time, squats and leg press. That’s what you hear right? Squats make booty gains? It didn’t work I ended up with bigger thighs than my bum.

Eventually after working with him more closely, following nutrition and training packs and testing things out over and over. I found the best solution. I have realised once you know what kind of exercises you need to do, it’s easy to maintain.


The biggest thing I learned which can help anyone who is in the position I once was, is to learn the variety of exercises that are available to you from someone who can help. There are so many different exercises that have benefits you don’t always see people doing, so you don’t consider them if you’re a newbie in the gym. If your self-conscious or unsure of what to do, then reaching out for help will be the best thing you can do to get the peachy bum you are comfortable and confident with.

I am happy with my bum, off my medication and more confident than ever. Now my passion is helping others who can resonate with my story, build the confidence they deserve. Because I understand its not a good place to be when your doubting your self-worth and feeling down about your figure.

While others may look to Instagram models for exercises but end up feeling down because they don’t look like them. My passion is to help real people with the same problems I have faced, overcome them by learning some simple exercises with the right coaching and the right nutrition in an easy to digest workshop. The same way I learned.

I have developed a home workout guide

Beginners of learning how to build, this programme is going to be great to start getting your confidence back, learning the skills to be able to take some of these exercises into the gym.

Those already experienced in the gym but still not growing your glutes enough, this programme is still perfect for teaching you glute dominant exercises, it will help you keep a plump look and start smoothing out the skin


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