•14 oz. (400g) chickpeas, canned, drained

•3 cloves garlic

•1 small onion, diced

•1 tsp. oregano

•1 tsp. chilli powder

•1 tsp. cumin

•1 tsp. smoked paprika

•1 lime, juice

•¾ cup(130g) sweetcorn, canned, drained

•1 red bell pepper, diced

•1 lime, zest

•¼ cup (30g) gr...

One of the most common concerns my clients have expressed to me before joining us is not being able to tone up before. 

No matter what they have tried they can't seem to tone up! 

My question is always...what have you done before?

Their response...Zumba, pump, running, sp...


Meet Body Transformer Cath :) 

In this post I want to give you the process Cath took to lose 19lbs in 16 weeks...

I know, I know, that sounds crazy! 

But Cath is just a regular person like you and I. She has no special gift or genetics which made this loss easier for he...

1.How much do you want to get results? - Your goal has to be important enough to you in order to make the effort to figure out what to change. If you dont have a clear goal that is important...The rest of this blog wont help you. Simply because you dont care enough to...

Step 1 - Set a clear goal. Lesley was going to Barcelona with her sister in law before she met me. Her goal was to feel more comfortable, confident, improve fitness and lose some weight so she could enjoy herself more. 

What is your goal? If you have no goal, how will y...

Here are 3 main steps Xena took and what you can take to change shape...

1. You need to cut down on excessive running/cardio - You may be burning muscle tissue, thus making you lose tone & shape.

And if your not building muscle tissue you may struggle to lose body fat....

Hey Friend, Sean Leach here. If the title of this blog is exactly what you want, Then read on...

In this blog I want to teach you 3 reasons why weightlifting is essential to achieve those 3 things above^^^^

But first of all who am I?

My name is Sean Leach, and I help Wome...

If your goal is to build a better shape to your bum, learn how to lift weights properly and follow a simple, easy to digest nutrition system specific to toning and shaping…Then this for you!  

After working with women for over 2 years I have learned that the bum is prob...

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing someone take a leap of faith into my program to make the change they know they must make! 

As you will see below in her own words, Denise came on board my program to lose weight. But she got alot more back in return.


Hey guys,

A wee opinion on diet plans based on my experince traning many many cleints achieve personal greatness WITHOUT diet plans!

Instead I encourgae clients to follow a guide, a guide which gives them structure to make their own decisions based on what they understan...

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