Christmas Special Barbells For Beginners

A small Group Weightlifting Programme For DRIVEN Women

Starting w/c 14/10/19 we will be running a Christmas special 8 week Barbells progamme. 

We will be having weekly fun challenges, fancy dress, team night out, fun Weightlifting comps, Xmas themed games & prizes to be won throughout! 

I know! Christmas in October!!


Dont worry...We will start the Xmas themed stuff half way through so it becomes a little more acceptable! 

Here is what its all about...

My 6 week Weightlifting programme is designed to help Women learn how to lift free weights.

So you can tone up, build strength, build confidence, lose weight & feel more comfortable in clothes. 

How do we get results?

The goal of this programme is to teach you how to use free weights so you can get best toning and strength results.


 We use a combination of barbells, body weight, kettle bell & dumbbell exercises to ignite a full body workout every session for maximum fat burning & toning results head to toe! 

We use very little machines in this programme.


We teach you the most effective exercises so you can get better results than the average gym user sitting on machines, going to zumba and walking on treadmills!


This is not a Bootcamp, cross-fit or big high intensity weight loss programme or class in a school hall!

This focuses on helping a small group of beginners learn, progress & get a result without the fear of failing, being judged, pushed to hard & feeling intimidated by others. 

Here is what you get:

• 2-4x per week weightlifting coaching sessions in a group of 6-8 people just like you, so you are not alone and can learn as part of a community of other beginners. No judgement or fear of failing (Value £500+)


• Non restrictive nutrition guide. So you know what to eat, when and why for best toning results (Value £50)


• Access to my weekly training videos so you can be motivated each week and learn how to maintain results at home (Value £30)


• 2 Free PT Sessions for you and a Friend or Family Member so you can get extra, 121 training to help with your goals and main areas of focus (Value £60)


• Unlimited access to my fitness classes every Tuesday 6:30pm & Friday 7pm for you and a friend so you can get extra fitness training in to help towards your goals (Value £80)


• Access to our VIP Facebook Group & chat so you are accountable everyday with Nutrition and Motivation from others on the same journey (PRICELESS)


Total Value = £720!


You pay = Only £110


There are personal trainers and coaches who would, and do charge hundreds for this level and amount of coaching over 8 weeks!


For you, only £1.96 per day!


That is a cup of coffee!


Here are the times (You can come to as many as you like. I suggest at least 2 per week to start)...

Tuesday 7am & 11:30am

Thursday 7am or 11:30am 

Friday 8pm

Saturday 11am

Where? Bellway industrial estate, Benton. NE12 9SW


Spaces available & limited to 10 people  FROM 30/9/19


Speak soon,










Here are some results my clients have got & what they have said:













































Want To Join Or Have Questions?

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Want To Join Or Have Questions?

Use The Button Below To Fill In A Short Form And We Can Chat Over The Phone Or At The Gym...

*Disclaimer - Results on this page are not typical or expected by anyone who starts my programme. Your results may differ to the ones you see on this page. And will vary depending on a number of different factors including, time, own individuality, work rate & commitment. I am not implying you will duplicate these results, these are purely for example purposes only. And by no means reflect what your outcome will be. 

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